Same Old Story, Different Ending

Today I’ve been cold, borderline passive aggressive, and angry with my children. Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning out a small creepy dark crawl space in my daughter’s room and transforming it into a magical “fairy space.” This involved cleaning and painting, purchasing lumber and cutting it to size, covering the walls with … Continue reading


I left my home once in the middle of some self-induced drama.  Feeling so adult and self-righteous, I walked out the door with a few boxes and my then bright-red suitcase filled with only the beautiful things in my life.  This was before children, before I truly understood the importance of paying bills on time, … Continue reading

The Seedy Underbelly

Earlier today, totally off the cuff I posted the following on a message board for mothers that I’m a part of: Lately I’ve been exploring the idea of quitting motherhood as I have known it. I’m sick of being everyone’s maid/servant/lady-in-waiting. I think prior to motherhood I had this idea of having a child to … Continue reading

Rose Marie & Anton

After my grandma Rose died, I received some letters that were written to her by her high school boyfriend who enlisted in the Army in 1942. I received the letters with awe as though they were the key to unlocking grandma’s true personality – the one none of us knew because we were too integral … Continue reading


She is one of those beautiful girls with long gorgeous hair. Naturally sexy, dark, straight, thick, shiny. Every girl lusts after it and when they comment- which they do- she gives a shy, dreamy smile & mentions that she is thinking to cut it. They reject the notion loudly, “It is too beautiful to cut!” … Continue reading

Nose to The Grindstone

I’ve hesitated to write about my children here not because there isn’t material to write, but because so much of my life is about mothering and there are times when I feel it literally consumes me. My writing has become a place where I can think about some of the other aspects of myself…some of … Continue reading

Standing On Both Sides

“Get in the car!” she hissed as she pushed me into the passenger side of our blue Ford Escort. It was dawn – supposedly the most beautiful part of the day – and the sky was a vivid expression of color gradients starting at the horizon line which was a subtle shade of pale blue … Continue reading

On Leaving

I like to tell people we left in the night like some kind of refugees fleeing their country under threat from their government. Somehow, leaving in the night evokes an urgent image of ripping sleeping children out of their beds, Anne Frank style, to shove them into an already running vehicle and hitting the gas … Continue reading

Rose Marie

 I remember watching as a restless young child in church as she conjured up baby dolls for us to hold and rock in order to keep us busy as the homily droned on.  Her big, strong hands deftly and impossibly folded the Kleenex into little tissue “dolls” nestled into their own beds.  I was momentarily … Continue reading