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Rose Marie

 I remember watching as a restless young child in church as she conjured up baby dolls for us to hold and rock in order to keep us busy as the homily droned on.  Her big, strong hands deftly and impossibly folded the Kleenex into little tissue “dolls” nestled into their own beds.  I was momentarily … Continue reading


There are dreams that hang on; the emotion you felt in that subconscious realm seems to spread out and become real even when you awake.  It diffuses and infuses itself into the fiber of your day.  Your logical brain attempts to compartmentalize, find meaning and move on.  Your logical brain is not your whole self … Continue reading

Life Is But A Dream

These days I hurry. I rush. Put your shoes on, grab your coat, where did your socks go? I face forward; head down, soldiering on. I talk and talk, words, words, words.  I am monotone as I review my phone messages and check the weather, the bank, my grades.  I call them by the other … Continue reading