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I sat alone in coffee shops and pizza joints.  Back then, Starbucks was still a novelty and on the first day there, I folded and tucked a napkin with their logo on it into my journal.  A memento.  Little would I know that Starbucks would quickly show up in every city and in some cities, … Continue reading

Work Study

During the second half of my first year of college, I started a work study job that entailed working switchboard from midnight to four a.m.  Five days a week I sat in the information center of the student center and answered the phone, transferring calls to their appropriate places.  I was also responsible for checking … Continue reading

Disney World

Part One: I am fifteen-ish, fully clothed and sitting in a low rent hotel room’s bathtub.  Only the light that accompanies the overhead fan is on and I am bathed in the sickly yellow light.  My parents are asleep in one double bed in the room outside the bathroom door and my sister is in … Continue reading