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Dear little Sara, The first thing I want to tell you is how loved you are. I sat, looking through photo albums and boxes full of memories and this time I started to note how everyone is holding you and looking at you – as though you are the only one who exists. Your baby … Continue reading

This is Not a Redemption Story

When I was a very young teen, a man who was a close church friend of my parents repeatedly hugged me in an uncomfortable way, leered at me, gave me “holy kisses,” and clung to me as he said things about my body and my “looks.” This happened every time I saw him, which was … Continue reading


Alternate Title: Before The year I turned five they sent me to run an errand. Perhaps I was supposed to get a stick of butter or pick up that book the neighbor borrowed or tell them we needed to use the party line. I don’t remember the exact errand but I remember dawdling on my way … Continue reading

Standing On Both Sides

“Get in the car!” she hissed as she pushed me into the passenger side of our blue Ford Escort. It was dawn – supposedly the most beautiful part of the day – and the sky was a vivid expression of color gradients starting at the horizon line which was a subtle shade of pale blue … Continue reading

On Leaving

I like to tell people we left in the night like some kind of refugees fleeing their country under threat from their government. Somehow, leaving in the night evokes an urgent image of ripping sleeping children out of their beds, Anne Frank style, to shove them into an already running vehicle and hitting the gas … Continue reading

Costumes My Grandma Wore

One year my mother made nurse’s costumes for my sister and I.  They were white aprons and caps, Florence Nightingale style, with red crosses drawn on the center of the chest in red Sharpie marker.  Coincidentally, also around that time, I was told that Grandma Rose worked at the hospital.  Somehow the two converged and … Continue reading


He was larger than life and yet, when thinking of the years before grandma died, I hardly remember him except as a shadow – slightly to the side and behind her.  However, I became aware of his physical presence almost instantly in a most tangible way when she was gone. I was eleven years old … Continue reading

Deprivation and Good Will

There was a small low-lying building in the middle of the compound that contained clothing.  At one time it functioned as an office of sorts for my dad.  One of the plywood paneled rooms had a large desk in it and a few filing cabinets.  I enjoyed climbing up on the padded rolling desk chair … Continue reading

Notable Points Between Here and There

1. A single gas station where we would stop to get gas. Entranced from my seat in the back, I’d watch the numbers on the pump click by like those on a flip number clock. 2. A drive in restaurant where the waitress would skate up to the car, chomping her gum. Each waitress’s hair … Continue reading