Posted in January 2014

Costumes My Grandma Wore

One year my mother made nurse’s costumes for my sister and I.  They were white aprons and caps, Florence Nightingale style, with red crosses drawn on the center of the chest in red Sharpie marker.  Coincidentally, also around that time, I was told that Grandma Rose worked at the hospital.  Somehow the two converged and … Continue reading


He was larger than life and yet, when thinking of the years before grandma died, I hardly remember him except as a shadow – slightly to the side and behind her.  However, I became aware of his physical presence almost instantly in a most tangible way when she was gone. I was eleven years old … Continue reading

An Unfinished Story

The words- they are lovely in the beginning when it is always spring and you are perpetually driving up a winding hill, windows open with the newly warm wind in your hair, radio blasting the song you first fell in love to. And they are charming when it is still new and you are both … Continue reading