Typical Grief

For awhile it felt like we could sustain it forever – the holding on, the maintaining.  There was an illusion that it would get better or maybe remain the same and we’d all just continue indefinitely.  We’d bring food and drinks and step around the hard issues.  But then it became painfully clear that a plateau could never be reached, maintenance was impossible; everything changes.  We clung tightly to our phones, jumping at every message.  We were on edge, searching for information, looking for clues.

And then the call came.  And then it was over.  Absolutely over.  Never to be the same again.

But the end feels impossible because when that call came the day was dawning with a beautiful sunset.  The sky was the bluest I’ve ever seen.  There was breakfast and parades and fairs.  Children still needed naps and meals and there was work to be done.

It’s cliche.  So cliche.  But how can life go on as if nothing has changed?

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