Life Is But A Dream

glassThese days I hurry.
I rush.
Put your shoes on, grab your coat, where did your socks go?
I face forward; head down, soldiering on.
I talk and talk, words, words, words.  I am monotone as I review my phone messages and check the weather, the bank, my grades.  I call them by the other kid’s name and catch myself.

Every footfall causes my jaw to clench.
I am always strategizing: nap-time, school pick-up, when to get groceries.
In between moments I wonder what I’ve become.
What will my children remember?

These days they beg me to sing.
They want me to listen, or read or laugh.
I buckle down; batten down the hatches, resolve to be carefree.
I read, I make up funny dances, I sing rounds all by myself, the words coming to me as though I am struck by the Spirit.
I am bound for glory.

It is all temporary.
My jaw hurts.

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