And Rain.

I miss:

Freedom to leave

Endless afternoons

The thrill of the chase

Being wooed

The early days of memorizing hands

Getting lost in your eyes

Road trips

Laughing so hard I cry


Dancing with abandon

Time without end

Hearing the first notes of a song you know you are going to love

Feeling amazing in your clothes and your skin

The anticipation of a night out

Feeling so much closer than everyone else

Spontaneous lunch with a friend

Ordering extra dressing

Time to stare at the moon

Walks without carrying anyone

Half an hour to do my hair

Stream of consciousness writing

Walking with you

Using a new word correctly

Feeling encouragement and pride from teachers

Stopping to admire my work

Being proud of what I’m doing

Feeling like what I’m doing is indispensable

Having an end point

That feeling of excitement when we reunite

The awe that comes with knowing we get to be together

Feeling like a team

Long rambling talks

Pretty nails

Having a sense of style

Walking the mall with only a friend

Sitting on a beach in one spot for hours

Finishing a book

Listening to my music

Trying on clothes

Thrift shopping

Feeling carefree

Feeling loose

Relaxing my jaw

Deep breathing


One thought on “And Rain.

  1. Yes. Somehow, it’s harder when they’re all listed out like this. Easier to miss those things that might come back, and mourn the ones that are gone forever.

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