Posted in February 2013

Reading Rainbow

During middle school we were in interim, living in my grandparent’s house on the lake while my parents got established.  The majority of the house was filled with my grandparent’s stuff – beautiful paintings and a baby grand piano, old books in the built-in bookcases and what seemed like infinite numbers of classical music recordings. … Continue reading

The Real McCoy

  I am sad.  I am blank.  I am moving through the thick air of the day. I grieve. Nose to the grindstone.  Head above water. I’ve battened down the hatches. The truth is I’m struggling right now and I’m finding myself to be the biggest opposition.  I have an inherent need to wrap everything … Continue reading

The Fire

The flames were 25 feet high.  Or maybe 6.  Possibly 20.  I was never good at estimating, plus I never actually saw the fire.  But I smelled it and talked about it with the other kids, our hushed whispers mimicking the whispers of the adults’.  It was coming closer, speeding through the already sun-burned grasses, … Continue reading


I’m on the cusp of something.  I sit numbly, on the edge of my chair, watching my three year old “put on a play.”  Everything is muted and, as if she were far away, I watch her peel stickers off a door and stick them on a window.  She knows this is naughty but continues … Continue reading