Posted in January 2013


Awkward Proposals There is a billboard not far from our house that says “Will you marry me, Lindsay?” The first time I saw it was just before Christmas and I assumed it was a ploy by a jewelry store to get people thinking and, therefore, buying.  But the second time by, I noticed there was … Continue reading

Near Miss

How is it that a moment accelerated into fast-forward for one person can be the same instant that goes into slow-motion for another? A person in an SUV drove into my daughter’s school yesterday.  He was driving down the road, buckled into his seat, running his errands, perhaps pondering dinner and in an instant his … Continue reading

Four Amys

The summer before sixth grade, we moved to a small town in southwest Minnesota.  My parents rented a large mustard-colored house on the outskirts of town.  It was the first real house I had lived in since I was two years old, having recently moved from a mobile home in Texas.  The house had a … Continue reading


It was July of 1987. I know this because that is when the Oliver North trials were shown on the huge console television in my grandmother’s den and also, I suppose, everywhere else in America. I was eight years old and had flown in to keep my grandma company while my grandpa was away. I … Continue reading

Disney World

Part One: I am fifteen-ish, fully clothed and sitting in a low rent hotel room’s bathtub.  Only the light that accompanies the overhead fan is on and I am bathed in the sickly yellow light.  My parents are asleep in one double bed in the room outside the bathroom door and my sister is in … Continue reading