Awkward Proposals

There is a billboard not far from our house that says “Will you marry me, Lindsay?” The first time I saw it was just before Christmas and I assumed it was a ploy by a jewelry store to get people thinking and, therefore, buying.  But the second time by, I noticed there was no jewelry store name on the sign and the backside was advertising a BBQ joint so I’m pretty sure the front and the back of the sign were unrelated.  The next few times driving by made me pensive.  First, who would want to be proposed to via billboard?  Second, who would do the proposing in this way?  The same sort of person who would propose on Jumbotron I suppose. There just seem to be too many variables.  How do you get the person to notice the sign?  And then how do you make it romantic while driving past?  What if they don’t notice, then you have to find excuses to turn around and drive by again?  And what about all the other Lindsays in the world who happen to be driving by with their boyfriends?  So now it’s past Christmas.  I assume Lindsay has seen the sign and made her decision.  The sign remains though; I suppose the proposer paid for a full month and will get his money’s worth.  I’ll be glad when the sign gets painted over.  I’ve spent far too much time thinking about Lindsay and her fellow.

Red Sock, Blue Sock

I’ve developed this weird scarcity/abundance relationship with my socks and the result is that I don’t necessarily change them everyday.  This mostly circulates around Smartwool socks (although I’m noticing that my workout socks are also affected).  Here in Minnesota, warm socks are a commodity.  I used to have one pair of very good socks and I would wear them daily, washing them at night.  I received two more pair of these socks for Christmas and I tend to alternate.  However, because the risk of not having a pair of these to wear is too great (due to forgetfulness with switching laundry loads, etc.), I take them off and night, put them by the bed and then put them back on in the morning.  I wash them every couple of days or so.  This used to be just a “thing” I did, but now I think I’m reaching a sort of tipping point and am about to lean over to full-fledged neurosis.


Facebook lists on my page when my friends become friends with someone else – even when it’s not anyone I know.  I’ve always just sort of skimmed over these notifications, but lately I’ve found myself idly wondering how my friend knows this other random person.  Are they long-lost friends finally reunited?  Did they meet last night at a party and are furthering their new friendship? Is their connection through yoga class?  After wondering these things in passing, I’ve decided to start “liking” whenever a friend makes a new friend, no matter who it is.  I see it as liking the new connection, however it was made.  Something about linking humankind together – insert something metaphorical and cosmic here. Anyway, no one has mentioned me liking their friendship yet.  I’m curious if anyone has noticed.


There is a truck in my neighborhood with a loud exhaust system.  I’ve been vaguely aware of it for about six months now, but within the past couple of months, I’ve really taken notice of when it passes and I’m pretty certain that I can anticipate each day when it is about to pass by.  This may mean that I’m too much of a homebody or perhaps, just that I’m very observant to details.  Either way, there is something reassuring in hearing it approach and then watching it drive by, predictably.

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